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Representing Victims Who Developed Uterine Cancer After Use of Hair Relaxers & Straighteners

In October of 2021, the National Institutes of Health released a study regarding the use of chemical hair relaxers and straighteners. The study followed more than 33,000 women over the course of 11 years. During that time, 378 cases of uterine cancer were diagnosed. The study found that regular use of certain hair relaxing and straightening products—specifically those targeted at young, black women—increased the consumer’s chance of developing uterine cancer from 1.64% to 4.05%. In other words, the risk of developing uterine cancer more than doubled for women using these products.

After careful research and examination into this study, we have determined that our Pensacola law firm is ready to fight for those who have been adversely affected by chemical hair straighteners and relaxers.

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Dangers Associated with Chemical Hair Straighteners and Relaxers

The NIH study found that many of these products contained phthalates and other chemicals known to disrupt the endocrine system. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals, the study asserts, can have a devastating effect on a woman’s health. We have already mentioned the staggering increase to risk of developing uterine cancer, but that is not the only potential health risk of using these products.

Prolonged use of these products can also cause:

  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Preterm Deliveries

While we encourage all people to examine their own history of using these beauty products, we want to emphasize that chemical hair relaxers and straighteners are typically marketed toward black women, putting them at an increased risk of these effects. Further, many people who have already come forward with lawsuits report having used these products since childhood. If you, at any point in your life, used chemical hair straighteners or relaxers at a rate of four times a year or more, you may be able to file a lawsuit with The Watson Firm, PLLC in Pensacola.

While there are various products on the market with these chemicals, some of the products we have seen most often in other lawsuits of this nature are:

  • Motions
  • Organic Root Stimulator
  • Olive Oil Relaxer
  • Dark & Lovely
  • Just For Me
  • Dark & Lovely
  • Soft & Beautiful
  • Optimum Care
  • ORS Olive Oil
  • Mizani

Why Choose The Watson Firm, PLLC?

We understand that people take great care in selecting legal representation for sensitive cases like this. You may be asking yourself “why should I trust your firm with my hair relaxer cancer lawsuit?”

Nothing is more important to us than your well-being, and we will treat it with the personalized care and attention it deserves. We pull out all of the stops to ensure our clients know their case is being handled professionally, carefully, and competently. In other words, we will provide the same care and attention to your case that won us the “Best Attorney” award from Inweekly Magazine.

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