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9 Bizarre Florida Driving Laws

Car Medallion and Legal Gavell

Florida has passed some very strange laws over the past 175 years. Some of those laws probably made sense at the time, but seem utterly bizarre to our modern sensibilities. To help educate our fellow Floridians, we’ve collected nine of the strangest, the most obscure, and the most bizarre driving laws we could find.

1. An elephant, goat, or alligator tied to a parking meter must pay the same price as a car.

2. In Cape Coral, you cannot keep an unused or unlicensed vehicle on your property.
This is likely to get rid of junk cars.

3. It is specifically illegal to park in an intersection or at the edge of a curb.

4. It is illegal to park on top of a grave in a cemetery.

5. By Saratosa local law, hitting a pedestrian carries a $78 fine, typically less than a “following too closely” ticket.

6. In Florida, you can get a ticket for driving too slowly, especially if you’re not keeping up with the flow of traffic.

7. In Cape Coral, you cannot put a couch in your driveway.

8. Mopeds do not count as motor vehicles under the law.

9. In Cape Coral, the law says only renters can park a pick-up truck in the driveway or in front of a house.

Some of these laws seem like common sense. Others, not so much. We can only image what happened all those years ago that made someone so mad, they called up their representative and demanded the elephant at the corner pay 5¢ for parking.

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