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Holding Landlords Accountable for Security Lapses

When you have been seriously injured in a shooting at your apartment complex, you can be left with steep medical bills, lost wages, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The hardship and grief you experience will be even worse if you lost a loved one due to an apartment shooting. Trying to demand compensation and justice from the shooter might not only be futile due to their limited finances, but it might also overlook another liable party: your landlord or property management company.

The Watson Firm, PLLC in Pensacola can help you understand and use your rights as the survivor of a violent shooting at your apartment complex. You might be able to hold your landlord or apartment management company accountable for your damages due to an inexcusable lack of security measures around the premises. If liability can be placed on them, then their insurance provider will have to answer your claim, giving you a better chance at receiving fair compensation.

What is Negligent Apartment Security?

All property owners and managers have an inherent responsibility to provide adequate security and safety measures to guests, visitors, customers, clients, and, in terms of rented properties, tenants. Adequate security measures will change on a case-by-case basis since no properties are exactly alike. The general concept is that an apartment complex in a neighborhood known for higher rates of violent crimes has a greater responsibility to its tenants to provide better security.

Examples of negligent or inadequate security measures around an apartment complex:

  • No security personnel on the premises
  • Minimal amount of security guards compared to complex size
  • Security personnel who take too long to respond to an emergency
  • Poor lighting around the complex, creating various shadowed areas at night
  • No locking exterior gates
  • No security cameras at key communal locations like dumpsters and entryways

Our team of negligent security lawsuit attorneys can research your apartment complex and the shooting or attack incident to see if there is a correlation. If we can find that your neighborhood has a high rate of violent crimes – like armed robbery, assault, sexual assault, etc. – but your apartment complex has obvious gaps in its security measures, then your claim for compensation will be strengthened.

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Full & Future Damages in an Apartment Shooting Claim

We want to secure every last cent of compensation for you as your chosen legal representatives for your apartment shooting claim against your landlord or property manager. You obviously deserve to be repaid for your damages related to your extensive medical bills or those incurred by a loved one who was shot and lost their life. You should also be given any wages you lost due to missing work as you tried to recuperate from your injuries.

However, it is crucial to consider how a shooting in your apartment complex can weigh upon your mental health. If you are experiencing terrifying flashbacks of the attack every time you come home or step outside your apartment, then you are likely suffering from PTSD, which can last years or a lifetime. You deserve additional noneconomic damages for your emotional scarring that has made it difficult for you to feel safe in your own apartment. It might even be possible to argue that you need to move out of your complex to preserve your mental health and that the defendant in your claim should pay for all moving costs.

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