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If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the expenses required for the medical care alone are exorbitant. You may be looking at costly hospital bills, ambulance fees, disability expenses, ongoing care costs, and more. Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most difficult injuries to deal with, both emotionally and financially, due to their severity. You need experienced and personalized representation to guide you through this difficult time and help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

At The Watson Firm, PLLC, our traumatic brain injury lawyers in Pensacola are highly effective in personal injury law. We can efficiently guide you through the legal process and help you hold the party responsible for your damages accountable for their actions. Backed by years of experience, we have a long track record of success and an intimate understanding of this complex practice area. In fact, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients over the years. We can help you, too.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics

If you or a loved one suffered a TBI, you’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 2.8 million people experienced TBI-related hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and deaths in 2013. The CDC reports that the leading causes of TBIs in America are falls, being struck against or by an object and motor vehicle accidents. If your loved one suffered a TBI due to slipping and falling on a poorly maintained property, we can help you fight for restitution. If you suffered a TBI due to a reckless, intoxicated, or negligent driver, we can help you hold them accountable both legally and financially. You can count on us to help you with all your legal needs.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Some common causes of brain injuries may include:

  • Vehicle Accidents: Collisions on the road, whether involving cars, motorcycles, or pedestrians, are a significant contributor to traumatic brain injuries. The sheer force of impact can lead to severe head injuries, even in seemingly minor accidents.
  • Slip and Falls: Uneven surfaces, wet floors, or poorly maintained premises can pose serious risks. When someone slips and falls, they may sustain a brain injury if their head strikes a hard surface. Property owners must ensure safe environments to prevent such incidents.
  • Workplace Accidents: Certain occupations carry inherent risks. Construction sites, for example, may expose workers to falls or falling objects, increasing the likelihood of head injuries. Employers are responsible for keeping safe working conditions and providing adequate training to mitigate these risks.
  • Sports Injuries: Athletics are an integral part of our lives, but they also come with the potential for injury. Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries may occur in sports such as football and soccer or even in non-contact activities like cheerleading.
  • Assaults and Violence: Intentional acts of violence, including assaults, can lead to severe head injuries. Victims of such incidents deserve legal representation to hold the responsible parties liable for the harm they have caused.

What Damages Could Be Recovered in a Traumatic Brain Injury Claim?

With compensation, you can help pay for the following and more:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Damages property
  • Disability-related expenses
  • Lost income-earning abilities
  • Physical and emotional trauma

What is the Statute of Limitations for Brain Injury Claims in Florida?

Time is of the essence when pursuing a traumatic brain injury claim. The statute of limitations sets a strict deadline within which legal action will need to be initiated. Failing to file a lawsuit within this timeframe may lead to losing your right to pursue compensation for your injuries.

In the state of Florida, the statute of limitations for traumatic brain injury cases is typically four years from the date of the incident. However, certain circumstances may affect the timeline, making it crucial to promptly consult with an experienced attorney.

It's important to note that discovering the full extent of a traumatic brain injury may take time. Symptoms may not manifest immediately in some cases, and a delayed onset could complicate the legal process. Therefore, seeking legal advice early on is essential to ensure your rights are protected, and you can build a strong case.

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If you have suffered from a traumatic brain injury, seeking legal representation is an essential step in the path to justice and recovery. At The Watson Firm, PLLC, our Pensacola traumatic brain injury attorney is dedicated to advocating for your rights and seeking the compensation you need to help rebuild your life.

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