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Fraternity and sorority hazing rituals at colleges have always been infamous for being unusual and over-the-top. In recent years, hazing has become notorious for being downright dangerous, often causing serious injuries or even a new college student’s death. The Watson Firm, PLLC in Pensacola is here to help bring an end to unsafe, unreasonable hazing methods by offering steadfast legal representation to injured college and university students and the parents of students who have passed away.

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While we do focus our practice on claims and lawsuits for local community members, we have the experience required to assist with cases across the region. Please let us know as soon as you can if you or your child were hurt during a college or university hazing and now want to seek justice and compensation.

Traumatic Injuries Caused by College Hazing

Hazing is often touted by college administrators and fraternity or sorority leaders as a healthy way to introduce a new student to the demands of higher education. Some claim it builds loyalty and comradery quickly, so students can feel comfortable in their new educational and living space. However, the truth is that many students who have been hazed will admit that it was a frightening and embarrassing experience that yielded no positive changes in their lives. On the surface and underneath, hazing is a dangerous form of abuse that many colleges and universities allow simply due to traditions.

Some forms of hazing that are as common as they are dangerous include:

  • Binge drinking: Forcing students to drink dangerously excessive amounts of alcohol is believed to be the most common form of college and university hazing. It is also the most common source of student death in hazing rituals due to acute alcohol poisoning.
  • Beating: Some hazing methods involve striking students with a paddle, cane, or whip. Each strike can cause a serious injury, such as internal bleeding, broken bones, and nerve damage.
  • Branding: As shocking as it might sound, some fraternities and sororities require new members to have the group’s Greek lettering branded on them, resulting in a severe burn injury that could become infected if not treated properly.
  • Excessive calisthenics: In recent years, hazing through excessive calisthenics and other forms of exercise has become more common. For example, a new fraternity member could be ordered to run many miles without any water or rest. The practice runs a high risk of causing heat exhaustion and seizures.
  • Extensive isolation: Some administration boards believe that leaving a student in isolation for several hours is a “safe” form of hazing. In reality, extensive isolation can cause lasting mental and emotional trauma, possibly culminating in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) whenever the student needs to enter a small or isolated place.
  • Forced sexual activities: Each year, there are stories of college and university students being subjected to forced sexual activities during hazing. Although fraternities and sororities might try to play it off as “playful encounters,” it is clearly sexual assault.

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Giving a Voice to Injured & Abused College Students

To stop hazing from becoming violent and dangerous, it falls on all of us to speak up when things are taken too far. By bringing your hazing injury claim to The Watson Firm, PLLC in Pensacola, you will not only seek closure for yourself, but you will also help protect others from future abuse. Initial consultations with our firm are free and confidential, so you can learn about your legal options without worrying that a fraternity/sorority leader or college administration finding out and retaliating against you.

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