Social Security Disability

Pensacola Social Security Disability Lawyer

Representation for Appeals of Denied Claims

Social Security Disability claim denials are extremely common. In fact, approximately 70% of initial claims for disability benefits are denied by the Social Security Administration. If your initial claim and request for reconsideration of Social Security Disability benefits have been denied, there is still hope. Call The Watson Firm to discuss your options with our Pensacola Social Security Disability attorney.

The Disability Appeal Process

When a Social Security Disability claim has been denied, you can appeal this decision. You should be aware that the appeal process is not quick. You can expect a hearing approximately 12 to 18 months after your claim for Social Security benefits has been denied. In the meantime, our Pensacola Social Security Disability lawyer will thoroughly prepare evidence to support your claim.

We take steps to help you secure the benefits you deserve. Our attorney will:

  • Pursue a hearing before a Social Security administrative judge within 60 days
  • Explain to the administrative judge why your disability has prevented you from working
  • Prepare for your hearing
  • Consult with your doctor to ensure we have the most current evidence
  • Determine if you qualify for Supplemental Security Income
  • Determine if you qualify for damages under Florida workers’ compensation

Our Pensacola Social Security Disability attorney, paralegals, and case managers are well versed in the law and the Social Security Administration’s processes and procedures. We have successfully represented many people in disability appeals. You will receive the personal attention, quality representation, and guidance you need from our highly qualified and caring legal professionals.

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We Take Cases on a Contingency Fee Basis

When an individual is unable to work and the Social Security Administration denies the claim for benefits, hiring a lawyer can feel impossible. Do not let concerns about money stop you from getting the legal advice you need. Your Pensacola Social Security Disability attorney will not receive any fee unless you receive a favorable decision. When a favorable decision is obtained, the Social Security Administration will deduct 25% of your back pay and send it directly to your attorney and deposit the rest directly into your bank account.

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