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Do Florida Motorcyclists Need a Helmet?

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Motorcycles represent the freedom to hit the open road and feel the wind through your hair. However, many states have instituted mandatory helmet laws for motorcycle riders, requiring that riders wear helmets approved by the Department of Transportation. What does that say about our state? Do Florida motorcyclists need a helmet?

Legally Speaking…

Under Florida statute 316.211.1.b, a motorcycle rider over the age of 21 does not need to wear a helmet so long as they have an insurance policy of at least $10,000. Additionally, the law does not require that young riders wear a helmet so long as their vehicle’s maximum speed is less than 30MPH.

While helmets are not required past the age of 21, the law does require that all riders wear eye protection. Not only that but the eye-protection must be of “a type approved by the department [of transportation].” For that reason, motorcycle riders should take a moment to ensure their standard eye protection meets state law.

For Your Consideration…

While helmets are not required in the state of Florida, it’s essential to understand that proper headgear can be the difference between life and death. States with mandatory helmet laws have fewer motorcycle fatalities than those with optional helmet laws. Moreover, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that nearly 56% of Florida’s motorcycle fatalities involve a rider who was not wearing a helmet.

Helmets decrease the risk of a serious head injury by 70%. People who wear helmets are twice as likely to survive a severe accident when compared to those who don’t. Overall, if every American motorcyclist wore a helmet, we’d save 800 lives per year.

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