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Florida Motorcycle Insurance Laws & Regulations

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Most motorcycle enthusiasts can attest to the unique experience of going for a scenic drive on their favorite bike. With seemingly never-ending sunshine and blue water surrounding the open roads, it is no wonder that the State of Florida attracts motorcycle drivers from all walks of life.

While most seasoned riders know that motorcycles can be operated just as safely and responsibly as other motor vehicles, there are a few laws that all riders should be aware of.

Namely, because motorcycles present inherent challenges apart from enclosed vehicles, it is important that you obey motorcycle-specific laws. Let’s examine some of Florida’s motorcycle insurance laws and highlight some of the lesser-known but equally important issues that surround motorcycle operations within the state of Florida.

Do you Need Motorcycle Insurance in Florida?

Motorcycle insurance is not required in Florida for personal injury protection (PIP) only. However, Florida is unlike many states in that they must still carry liability coverage. This coverage helps protect the rider from costs dealing with property damage, or bodily injuries to one or more people in the accident.

Motorcycle operators are only required to carry insurance that meets the following minimum standards:

  • $10,000 for single person bodily injury liability
  • $20,000 for two or more people with bodily injury liability
  • $10,000 per crash for property damage liability

Florida law also allows for an operator to waive motorcycle insurance if they obtain a certificate that indicates that they are self-insured. Eligibility and required documents can be found at the Bureau of Financial Responsibility.

Finally, it should be noted that because PIP is not required for motorcycle insurance, if you are involved in an accident with a motorcycle, you must pursue the individual motorcycle operator to recover the cost of damages that you suffer as a result of the crash.

Motorcycle License Requirements

The State of Florida requires that each motorcycle driver obtain and possess a valid motorcycle endorsement (license) while operating their bike. Additionally, autocycles, also known as three-wheeled vehicles, do not require a specific license or endorsement.

How To Get a Motorcycle License In Florida

  • Already possess a valid driver’s license
  • Complete the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) or Basic RiderCourse Updated (BRCu), which is a motorcycle safety course with an authorized sponsor
  • Visit a driver license office or tax collector office to inform them that you completed the course and to pay the accompanying fee

It should be noted that Florida also allows for a Motorcycle-Only License that does not require possession of a Florida Class E Driver’s License. The requirements to obtain a Motorcycle-Only License are located here.

Motorcycle Safety Gear

Florida requires that every person riding or operating a motorcycle wear a helmet. The only exception is if the rider or operator is over the age of 21 and possesses valid insurance that will cover at least $10,000 in medical benefits for injuries incurred as a result of a crash while operating or riding on a motorcycle.

Florida law also requires that every rider or operator of a motorcycle wear protective eye gear. Unlike the requirement for helmets, there is no exception for the eyewear mandate.

Motorcycle Equipment Requirements in Florida

Like with most other motor vehicles, Florida requires certain equipment to be present on all motorcycles. Some of the required equipment that must be present on every motorcycle on the road in Florida are:

  • Front and rear brakes
  • Headlights and brake lights
  • A horn
  • Turn signals
  • Mirrors
  • Rear reflectors

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