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When Should I Get A Workers' Compensation Lawyer?

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Workplace injuries are a serious concern for Florida workers. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2020, 275 Florida workers died from workplace injuries. Most injuries occurred in the private construction sector. The private transportation and warehousing sector also had a high number of injuries. The most common types of injuries Florida workers experienced were trips, slips, and falls.

You are entitled to compensation when you suffer a workplace injury in Florida. Workers' compensation law requires that employers provide reasonable compensation for your injury. A skilled personal injury attorney at The Watson Firm, PLLC, can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call The Watson Firm, PLLC at 850-607-2929 or reach out online.

What Is Workers' Compensation?

Florida law requires employers to have workers' compensation insurance. This insurance pays the employee for the costs of a workplace injury. If your workplace injury causes you to miss work for more than a week, you can receive two-thirds of your pay to cover your lost wages. If your workplace injury makes it impossible for you to return to your job, workers' compensation provides free services to help you obtain new employment. Additionally, workers' compensation insurance provides death benefits for fatal injuries.

How Do You Get Workers' Compensation Benefits?

An adept Florida personal injury attorney can help you obtain workers' compensation benefits. To invoke workers' compensation benefits in Florida, you should report your injury to your employer first. Per Florida law, you should do this within thirty days of the injury. Your employer must report your injury to their insurance company within seven days. After that, the insurance company must send you a brochure explaining your rights within three days. According to Florida law, you have two years after your injury to file a workers' compensation claim.

Can You Get Workers Compensation Benefits If You Caused Your Injury?

You might get workers' compensation benefits if you cause your injury. Florida follows a no-fault system, meaning that neither you nor your employer must establish who caused the injury. Even if you caused the injury, you might collect workers' compensation benefits from your employer's workers' compensation insurance. The law focuses on where the accident happened rather than who caused it. If your accident happened at work, you might be entitled to workers' compensation benefits even if you caused the accident.

What Is A Workplace Injury In Florida?

You must have a workplace injury to receive workers' compensation benefits in Florida. Per Florida law, a workplace injury must come from a workplace accident. The accident must be a sudden, unusual, or unexpected event. Slips, falls, and trips are examples of accidents.

You may receive workers' compensation benefits for a preexisting disease that a work accident worsened. Your benefits will cover the portion of the disease your work accident caused.

You should contact a personal injury attorney if you think you suffered a workplace injury.

What Causes Workplace Accidents In Florida?

There are many possible causes of workplace accidents. Your working conditions could be unsafe. Someone on your team could make a mistake, or you could make a mistake. Your employer may not have provided good training and instructions. A machine may malfunction, or a product may be defective. In short, there are many reasons why accidents occur. If you suffered a workplace accident and injury, whatever the cause, Florida law generally entitles you to workers' compensation benefits.

What Kinds Of Workers Are Eligible For Workers' Compensation Benefits In Florida?

Florida law explains which kinds of workers may receive workers' compensation benefits. Generally, independent contractors do not qualify for workers' compensation benefits. However, independent contractors in the construction industry may qualify for workers' compensation benefits. Further, Florida workers who work for subcontractors may receive workers' compensation benefits. Additionally, a sole proprietor may qualify as an employee for workers' compensation benefits if the sole proprietor works full time and gives notice to the employer. Volunteers generally do not receive workers' compensation benefits. However, there is an exception for government volunteers. To learn more about whether you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits, speak to a Florida personal injury lawyer.

Florida Workers' Compensation Attorney

Florida law might entitle you to workers' compensation benefits if you suffered a workplace injury. To learn more, reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney. Call The Watson Firm, PLLC at 850-607-2929 or reach out online.