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Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer


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Hiring an attorney to represent you in your personal injury case is not a decision that you should take lightly. With many different options available to you, it is wise to make sure that you know exactly the kind of representation you are getting.

Asking smart, direct questions may be the best way to get to know how your attorney will handle your case. It also allows you to stay informed and prepared for what lies ahead. Here are a few common questions that you may want to ask your Florida personal injury attorney, and some helpful tips on securing the best and most suitable representation for your case.

Fee Arrangement—What Do You Charge?

Typically, the most important question when securing representation is how the attorney’s fee will be structured. In most personal injury cases, the attorney is paid on a contingency basis. In other words, your attorney is not paid unless they secure a monetary judgment in your favor. Usually, that fee is a percentage of the monetary judgment. Personal injury attorneys typically charge 40% of any monetary judgment, plus any costs incurred while handling your case. It is imperative that your fee agreement specifically outlines what those costs will include and explains how those costs will be paid in the event that you do not receive a monetary judgment.

Who Will Be Handling My Case?

Most law firms have non-lawyers on staff. These individuals may handle certain aspects of your case. While many non-lawyers are competent and can be trusted with a variety of tasks, it is important that your lawyer specifically outlines the things that they will personally handle. You’ll want to be sure that all the important and necessary aspects of your case will be handled by a licensed attorney.

How Will I Contact You?

One of the most common complaints that clients have about their attorney is that they are unavailable. Attorneys often are juggling many cases at once, making it difficult to communicate with their clients effectively and consistently. Some attorneys prefer to use email, while others work best via phone. Establishing an agreed-upon method of communication with your attorney is crucial to staying informed and up to date on your case. Finding an attorney whose communication style best aligns with your expectations will go a long way in fostering a positive attorney-client relationship.

How Long Will My Case Take?

After looking at your case, an experienced personal injury lawyer should be able to give you a rough timeline on how long your case should take to complete. While it is impossible to give a definitive exact number, most lawyers will be able to call upon past similar cases to give an estimate.

If My Case Doesn’t Settle, Will We Go to Trial?

It may be hard to believe, but not all lawyers actually try cases in court. In fact, there are many lawyers who will refer your case to a different attorney if the case does not settle and is instead heading for trial. As a result, it is important to ask your lawyer if they try cases in court, and if so, how many cases they have tried.

Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

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