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Local News Taps Attorney Aaron Watson To Discuss Civil Rights Law

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Attorney Aaron Watson is a local personal injury and civil rights lawyer. WEAR Channel 3 News contacted him to speak as a panelist for a local community roundtable event.

The event was recorded live. During the recording, Attorney Watson was asked questions by news anchors and members of the local community regarding civil rights law. The topics discussed ranged from civil rights law, Florida stop and frisk law, body cameras, and national anti-police sentiment.

Watson stated that more can be done on both sides of the aisles to better community relations with law enforcement. Watson further stated that the best place to fight police brutality is the legislature. Although marching and protesting have their place, political activism is the best means to fight outdated laws that are skewed towards law enforcement.

Further, Watson stated that parents and community leaders should take a lead role in instructing teens on respecting authority figures. Watson stated that the best way to handle a confrontation with a police officer is to comply, comply, comply. After the encounter, contact a local civil rights lawyer such as The Watson Firm, PLLC to discuss your options in pursuing a civil rights lawsuit.