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Million Dollar Settlement Reached by The Watson Firm In Pensacola

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Attorney Aaron Watson has goals to become the best lawyer in Pensacola, Florida.

Recently, Mr. Watson reached a million-dollar settlement for a Pensacola family. The family hired Mr. Watson after being turned down by their previous lawyer. In fact, their prior lawyer withdrew from the case without having recovered any monies for the Pensacola family.

Mr. Watson got involved in the case and immediately filed a lawsuit. After filing a lawsuit against the defendant, Mr. Watson demanded that the insurance company involved paying their full insurance policy to the Pensacola family. The defendant had a 1 million-dollar insurance policy.

Within thirty days of Mr. Watson's demand for the insurance policy limits, the insurance company paid the full policy to said clients. This settlement came after only four months of opening his very own law firm, The Watson Firm, PLLC. This million dollar settlement is in addition to the 12.6 million dollar verdict recently received by a Milton resident for injuries that he sustained in a car accident and a $3.3 million verdict for a Pensacola resident who was injured in a defective utility terrain vehicle.

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